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VimExpo is proud to connect local, national, and international businesses with talented and motivated career seekers. We help you find the perfect fit in order to bring your business or career to the next level. Please click below to learn more and start your journey with a single step.

About Vimexpo’s

Virtual Career Expos

Vimexpo was created with a simple goal in mind: to bring together the best talent and the most forward-thinking employers in the most convenient way possible.

During our virtual career expos, job seekers will have the opportunity to visit virtual booths and download useful information and data to help them see which employer best suits their needs and talents.

Panel Interviews

Job seekers will have ample opportunity to listen to each potential employer’s representative(s) and ask plenty of questions. Job seekers should use this time to get to know each company well, and to exchange information if they so choose.

Classes & Workshops

We understand that a virtual career expo is a newer concept and, as such, we are happy to offer training on the use of our sate-of-the-art software which you can download and use for free for the duration of the virtual career expo. 

Interactive Experience

Unlike in a standard job fair, our virtual career expo will allow you to filter and sort through the booths by company name, field of expertise, and other searchable factors. In this way you can be sure you’re applying to positions that your interests align with, and are getting to know companies based on compatibility.

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